14 Jan 2011

This page will be the main page for the Open Archive Network project.

Imagine yourself one folder on your computer, in which you can store any file you like. No mater how big or small, important or not important. You will know that the file can be retrived again later. No matter what happens your accidentely delete it, your hard drive will crash, somebody breaks in to your home and steal all your electronics or maybe the whole place will burn down to the ground.

That folder is stored on the Open Archive Network.

The phases

Contribute to this webpage.

Here is some code to help you check out this website make changes and push it back.

git config --global user.name "Daniel Lindh"
git config --global user.email daniel@cybercow.se

cd ~
mkdir documents
git clone https://arlukin@github.com/oan/documents.git
vi index.html
git add index.html
git commit -m"Added news"
git push origin
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